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Thread: Citadel music pack

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    Default Citadel music pack

    80 MB
    installation is very easy
    extract the music folder and copy here:
    C:\Activision.......\Rome - Total War\Data\sounds
    delete or move those files:
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    Default Re: Citadel music pack

    I just downladed it today, I'll give it a go tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Citadel music pack

    Downloading right now - 80MB, honestly, you should warn people before they take the trouble of getting the download to start. I hope itīs worth it, but if itīs even half as good as the rest of the mod Iīve seen so far itīll be. Easily.

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    Default Re: Citadel music pack

    I'm glad you like the mod, though you should know that we treat what we published so far as a demo, since we have a lot of units we haven't released yet. Only when we add the complete unit rooster for Spain, and also france, Burgundy and Germany (with Swiss and Landsknechts mercenaries) we will consider the mod done.

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    I only now came around to install the music pack Itīs great, though very heavy on Eastern europe music, as it seems.
    It definitely adds to the athomsphere.

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    Default Re: Citadel music pack

    lol I chose my country Slovakia in account and that was really great mistake. Any time I want to dld I see that all 100 spots reserved for my country are occupied. Seems like its impossible for me to dld it from there.

    Isnt it uploaded on some different space as well?

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    Default Re: Citadel music pack

    45 seconds to go! (Had trouble with main installation before) I hadn't used that right click on shortcut, add blah blah blah in a while :)

    Wow, I meant 45 seconds till download. I'm now at 11 I mean 12 I mean 13 percent

    Ahh, it's good to have a cable modem.

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    Default Re: Citadel music pack

    Sorry, if someone wanted to try this music pack? Megaupload is down, can somebody upload it again?

    One more thing... this MOD is modfoldered or not?


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