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Thread: Rios Invasio Barbarborum Flagellum Dei 463AD sub mod

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    Default Rios Invasio Barbarborum Flagellum Dei 463AD sub mod

    I'm happy to inform all those here that I'll be releasing, Rio's IBFD 463ad submod here under the IBDF forums. The mod combines both Ice Torques huge BI WarMap II and IBDF units.
    1. The map is about 2x the size of the Vanilla map.
    2. It has land bridges(from Ice) in strategic places(I deleted the one from Britain to Gaul)
    3 I arranged factions provinces to their historical locations according to 463ad
    4 I added 6 provinces mostly in Britain to give a Saxon stronghold and a British Gododdin feel to the Britain north.
    5 I added 2 factions: The Northmen and the Picts(by using the Roxolani and Sarmatian) The Sarmatians and Roxolani were no longer relevant for this time.
    6 The Romano British I changed to a barbarian culture but with more advancements in their buildings Their units are a combination of Celtic and Romano British. They also spawn a large army after their first city is captured!
    7 The Empire West Rebels I change to a pro Roman British faction in Dumonnia in Brittany. Their units are a combination of Roman and Romano British and are at war with the Romano British(under the historical Aurelius). Their is a Romano Gaul faction under now the rebel Aegdius,the son of th great Aetius. This is a Roman faction in rebellion.
    8 Rulers of each faction and a son historically correspond to 463ad.for instance Gaiseric is the Vandal ruler in N. Africa. The character traits and age should have a resemblance to their historical personalities. Gaiseric traits FactionLeader 1, Warlord 2 , Despoiler 2 , GoodTrader 2 , GoodTaxman 2 , Intelligent 2
    9 Hording is no longer a factor(hordes had settled)but I kept the Huns, Slavs, and the Lombard's with the hording ability
    10 Darths 2.0 ai formations: battles sometime look epic..a real gem
    11 player1 character traits: provide consistency.
    12 The game is set up to play out historically if played as -ai... The Ostrogoth's move into Italy, Franks into Gaul. The Saxons usually conquer all of Britain, Goths conquer Spain(the tribes their are a mixture of Aans and Vandals but as rebels) and move up into Gaul. The Huns provinces are in constant rebellion..but off course any faction under a human player can change history. Other things in here I'm sure.
    The game is playable but I still need to further correct many province and city names from the late 4th century to its 463AD date. Their is I feel so much potential for this mod to further develop. I'll release it as a beta and will welcome any help, criticisms to better this mod. and thanks to Ice Torque, Ramon_Gonzales_y_Garcia and the IBFD team for letting me use their treasure.

    Euric in his early campaigns against the Alan and Vandal(tribes that did not go with Gaeseric to Africa) rebel tribes in Spain.
    Vindex taking over a disgraced Vortiigern(Vortigern I placed in exile in Dyfed as a rebel general
    Gwrangon, The British rebel, turning rebel after Vortigern gave away his Kent kingdom, takes the fight to the Saxons.
    The berbers on the march.[/QUOTE]
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    Default Re: Rios Invasio Barbarborum Flagellum Dei 463AD sub mod

    Hello, ...Just a reminder to download on a clean install of RTW/BI/1.6
    Its a mod by itself unlike an add on or a mini mod. Its a sub mod of IBFD for I got the historical idea and the inspiration to make my mod from the IBFD Mod and I use their mods impressive units. (Which is now the 5.3 ) But there are many differences between the mods, mine starts 463AD ,so the historical provinces and factions are set up much differently. Also I use Ice Torques huge BI WarMap II which some may or may not prefer. I personally think his map is awesome. Any feed back would be great because I am going to further develop this mod...
    Rio's 463AD IBFD Mod, an independent but official sub-mod for INVASIO BARBARORUM has just been released look for it here: in the org
    or here:
    in the official IBFD forums

    Some of these things are done for the next mods additions

    1,Goths, Vandals, and Ostrogoth's will be barbarian cultures Vandals although look like the pirates they were as the Nomads )Vandals should be able to build a dockyard.
    2 WRE I'll build up two of cities for a little better econ.
    3, higher %of christianity in some cities
    4 Slavic names
    5 Mylaes superb new Roman buildings.
    6 new units for the Picts and Northlanders.
    7 ingame maps
    ingame maps that I've been working on
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    Default Re: Rios Invasio Barbarborum Flagellum Dei 463AD sub mod

    Rios IBFD 463AD "The Apocalypse"
    patch for the Apocalypse
    new in mod

    -now newer units from 5.3 and 6.0 IBFD...Units are absolutely incredible!
    -the two historical office_magister_militums in the east and west, Ricimer and Aspar start off in the game.
    -drastic population increases have been tweaked down.
    -Roman road system improved slightly.
    -mercenaries can be recruited at the barricks and trained.
    -WRE, emperor, Servius corrected to libius
    -Tolosa now in the Arles city spot
    -Goths, Ostrogoths, and Vandals are no longer Nomads but are now Barbarian cultures.

    thanks to, Joar...GERMANICUS...Checkers...Raguel...Raguel... Pompeius Magnus for their helpful insights.
    These guys have helped and are helping me make this mod into something special

    And off course Ice Torque and Ramon Gonzales Y Garcia for the use of their great work.

    How install mod: needs the orig. 463ad mod to copy over

    1)need to unzip all the files into any folder on your comp.
    2)then open the folder -and copy all files from this folder -into Rios IBFD 463AD mod folder
    3 then the patch goes over the apocalypse mod
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    Default Re: Rios Invasio Barbarborum Flagellum Dei 463AD sub mod

    Hey, I love the Medieval era. And this was the very beginning of it
    Eras Total Conquest, your Eras TW for Kingdoms.


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