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    Hi, I'm sure someone has already addressed it, but I did a forum search and found nothing.

    So my roomate and I tried to play a battle over our network at our house, but after creating a game, there is never a game to actualy join. As in, if one person creates the game, the other person cannot see it, and vice versa. Also, the refresh game list button simply has an x over it when you try to click it, so it's impossible to refresh the game. It seems that it is not in fact a network problem as we can both chat in the lobby together and we can see each other as logged on. Games simply don't show up though. We both have Windows XP. Has anyone run across this problem?


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    It may be firewall, when you host a game alt-tab into windows and check if your firewall is saying anything about blocking outgoing ports.
    Also make shure that you have exactly the same game version on each computer. Patches, mods everything must be the same.
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    In your software firewall, allow full Internet access and server rights for Medieval II (both UDP and TCP). If you have to open a specific port in your firewall, choose by default the one already used in "medieval2.preference.cfg" file under the [network] category, "27750". /C.
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    I know there aren't any firewall issues on my side, as mine are all completely disabled (and broken anyways...old virus a year or so ago...) but as for game version, I assumed this would be the problem. My game is modded with Regnum Dei, and i tried to have him download it as well, but we might actually have different versions of it. I'll have to check.



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