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Thread: Roma Surrectum: FULL INSTALLER, Information, Concepts, Thank you's

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    Default Roma Surrectum: FULL INSTALLER, Information, Concepts, Thank you's

    “Ecce, Roma Surrectum (Behold, Rome Arises)– Building an Empire” v1.5c . . . or Roma Surrectum for short.

    WARNING: This mod will break Vanilla, BI and Alexander and is not compatible with any other mod

    Roma Surrectum Build 1.5c (includes ALL current patches and hotfixes) is a full conversion of RTW built to run on RTW version 1.5. (Barbarian Invasion is not necessary for this mod to work). To install Roma Surrectum you need:

    1. Install of Rome Total War
    2. (Optional) Install Barbarian Invasions
    3. Check your version of RTW by running Rome Total War (not BI if installed) and looking in the top right of the Options menu
    4. If your version is NOT 1.5, patch to 1.5 (or 1.6 if you installed BI)
      NOTE: If the version you see is 1.0, 1.1, or 1.2 this will require you to install patch 1.3 first
    5. (Optional) Install Alexander
    6. Install RS - Full Install 1.5c.exe into your ‘RTW’ folder (NOT THE DATA FOLDER)

    Here is an example:

    RS - Full Install 1.5c.exe


    If you have RS - Full Install 1.5a ONLY!!!

    If you have RS - Full Install 1.5a ONLY, install the following two patches after installing RS 1.5a

    RS - Patch 1.5b.exe

    RS - Patch 1.5c.exe

    (We recommend you use IE to download from filefront as Firefox occasionally has had problems doing so)

    Open 'Preferrences.txt' in your RTW/Preferences folder and set 'AUTO_SAVE:FALSE'. This will disable the buggy RTW Autosave feature, so be sure and save you campaign occasionally, especially before an important battle, or after playing for a long time.

    If you install this mod into a RTW-BI installation, BI will not longer work correctly. You can run this mod with the BI switch, but because BI shares a number of files with RTW, this mod breaks BI.


    1. Four new factions, Syracuse, Epirus, Kingdom of Cimmerian Bosporan, Kingdom of the Attalids(Pergamum).
    2. All factions reskinned (with a few isolated exceptions), using skins by Ferres\Godzilla and Webbird, and a number of others. Many new unit cards and others a work in process.
    3. New strat map characters by Riczu, and some altered by myself.
    4. Imperial Campaign using Mundus Magnus3 map, Provincial campaign using IceTorque/Webbird map.
    5. SkyMod by Archer
    6. Prometheus Grass Mod and Roman\Greek Strat city models by Prometheus
    7. SigniferOne Animations
    8. Portions of Bugfixer v3.36, by Player1
    9. Portions of Borsook’s Enhancements v2.24
    10.All BI buildings added for Barbarians
    11.Many new buildings in tech _tree
    12.Recruitable generals
    13.All new loading screens by 'Tone'.
    14.AOR recruitment system that limits factions to a basic area of historical influence.
    15.Some units available to many factions that are at least the equal of Roman Legionaries.
    16.Roman ‘Governors, Pro-Consuls, and Prefects’…pseudo-generals with infantry guards who will be governors and regional leaders, allowing Generals to fight, not baby-sit towns.
    17.Three Republican Legions: I & II, and one that can only be recruited in Rome. Republican Legion I recruitable only in Italy, 'II' outside Italy.
    18. Various 'levels' of reforms when the Marian Reforms do occur, including:

    a) Very Early Republican Legionaries, which replace the maniples (hastati, principe and triarii) with 'cohorts' at Army barracks level. First appearance of the Legion Eagle. These are pre-marian units, and will disappear after Marian Reforms occur.
    b) 13 numbered and named 'Consular Legions' recruitable in AOR regions...available in Army Barracks+ after reforms
    c) 22 numbered and named 'Imperial Legions' recruitable in AOR regions...available in Roman Army Base, which must be built in ten different AOR areas before they can be recruited. (See maps in ~\data\important_stuff folder)

    Each of these Legions has its full name and known titles, a historical banner (where known, otherwise a theoretical one) , in game history, 1st cohort, officer, Legionary Eagle, and they all use a unique texture. Some Legions also use historical 'Eastern and Assault' textures. The legions of Roma Surrectum are as follows:

    Legio I Germanica
    Legio II Augusta
    Legio III Gallica
    Legio III Augustica
    Legio V Alaudae
    Legio VI Ferrata
    Legio VII Claudia Pia Fidelis
    Legio VIII Augusta
    Legio IX Hispana
    Legio X Gemina Pia
    Legio XI Claudia Pia Fidelis
    Legio XIII Gemina
    Legio XXII Deiotariana

    Imperial Legions:

    Legio I Italica
    Legio I Minervia Pia Fidelis
    Legio I Adiutrix
    Legio II Adiutrix Pia Fidelis
    Legio II Traiana Fortis
    Legio III Cyrenaica
    Legio III Italica
    Legio IV Flavia Felix
    Legio IV Scythica
    Legio V Macedonica
    Legio VI Victrix Pia Fidelis
    Legio VII Gemina
    Legio X Fretensis
    Legio XII Fulminata
    Legio XIV Gemina Martia Victrix
    Legio XV Primigenia
    Legio XV Apollinaris
    Legio XVI Flavia Firma
    Legio XX Valeria Victrix
    Legio XXI Rapax (Predator)
    Legio XXII Primigenia
    Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix

    19.The ‘Legio Praetoriani’…the Praetorian Legion, which can only be recruited in the ‘Castra Praetorium’ in Rome. Historically, there were two ‘Praetorian Prefects’ who commanded these Legions, and they also can be recruited here, but only after the Marian Reforms. Likewise, Praetorian Cavalry.
    20.Altered strat interfaces for all cultures except Carthage
    21.New symbols and banners for all factions.
    22.Heavily rewritten in-game text files (with more historical work in progress).
    23.Barbarians can build stone walls.
    24.Character movements have been greatly increased on the strat map to help solve ‘stuck army’ problems and improve AI use of it's Navy. In the 'important_stuff' folder you will find a directory called 'STRAT_MOVEMENT', and should use the appropriate file for the map you want to play.
    25.New ‘battle system’ thanks to the contributions of Sinuhet’s 7.0 formations (modified for this mod with his permission), Darth’s recent EDU settings discoveries, and Repman’s sharing of his new close/loose formations settings. Battles are longer, harder and more fun. The AI is much smarter than before.
    26.Nightbattles included.
    27.Reskinned Egypt and gave them new units to reflect their more ‘greek’ nature at this time in history (still a WIP changing them over)
    28.New City strat models for Romans and Greeks...thanks to Prometheus.
    29.Heavily reworked economy and bonuses...should be good happiness and little squalor, but less money.
    30.Unit costs cases tripled, building times and costs much higher.
    31."0" turn recruitment for most units except ships, and a few others, which take one turn.
    32.Rewritten Greek and Roman Temple descriptions by 'Tyr' (others in progress), and their temples distributed more historically.
    33.Slave faction can recruit they are more of a challenge.
    34.New 'Kingdoms & Tribes' faction that is essentially an AOR controlled huge Free Peoples 'entity'. They are a real faction. They act like many small individual factions because their regions are widely dispersed. They recruit units only from the regions they start with, and each regional 'Little faction' recruits units that fit the cultural area they are in.
    35.'Free People' faction and 'Kingdoms & Tribes' factions merged together on strat they all look like one 'Slave' faction, but attack you and each other, display 4-5 different banners on the map, and many different ones in battles depending on the cultural areas.
    36.Beautiful new clouds and light settings by 'Tone'!
    37.A number of changes made to the IceTorque/Webbird map by 'Northern Ranger', mainly to the Greek areas and Sicily to make them more historical and more playable.
    38.Reworked music package using new and old contributions from this site and other resources will be offered as an optional download when it's finished.
    40.The main AOR's of Roma Surrectum are as follows:

    (See ~\data\_IMPORTANT STUFF for maps and other info)

    Home- Romans
    Greek- Greek_Cities, Macedon, Romans
    Central- Central European AOR for Dacia
    Steppes- Sarmatians
    Germ- German
    Gall- Gaul
    South- Carthage and Egypt
    West- Spain
    Arab- Seleucid, Armenia, Parthia
    Sicily- Syracuse
    Epir- Limits Epirus to it's starting regions
    Perg & Pont-Controls Pergamum and Pontus recruitment
    Bos- Controls Bosporun recruitment.
    Island- Special economic bonuses for island regions
    Legio 1-14 - Roman military recruitment areas.
    All- Same regions as Legio's, but available to all factions.
    Capitols-Allows all factions to build most of their best units, and specific ones.
    Gre- Restricts Kingdoms & Tribes to a Greek culture region
    Bar- Restricts Kingdoms & Tribes to a barbarian culture region
    Cart- Restricts Kingdoms & Tribes to a North African culture region
    Est- Restricts Kingdoms & Tribes to an eastern culture region
    Rom- Restricts Kingdoms & Tribes to an Italian culture region
    Warships-Determines where a major harbor can be built and the largest warships.

    These AORs are also used to control where the 'Slave' faction can build units.

    42. New Buildings in Roma Surrectum (besides BI additons for Barbarians) include:

    Pharos Lighthouse in Egypt...can be built in Egypt by them or Romans or Greeks
    Great Altar to Zeus in Pergamum.....can only be built by Pergamum
    Columns and Arches for Romans.......can only be built by Romans
    Great Wall of Syracuse..........can only be built by Syracuse
    Roman Military Bases.....Military bases in 10 AORs for recruiting Roman Legions.......can only be built by Romans
    Castra Praetoria......Praetorian Legion Base in Rome.......can only be built by Romans
    Rostra in Rome.......can only be built by Romans
    Big Trade Harbors.......can only be built by Romans, Greeks, Carthage
    Villas..................can only be built by Rome currently.

    43. Explanation of ""~\data\_IMPORTANT STUFF"" folder. This folder contains and will contain important information about the Mod and it's add-ons. The AOR_Maps folder contains several maps that detail the AOR system. The Strat_Movement folder contains separate 'descr_character.txt' files, one for the 'Imperial Campaign' and one for the 'Provincial Campaign'.

    My thanks go to many who have contributed to this mod, among them:

    Marcus Camillus, for allowing the use of his Roman Leadership mod (WIP)
    All textures and many models done by TONE
    EB & Signifier One for allowing us to use their animations, and to RTR for the use of their animations package that combines the two.
    REDFOX, for his permission to use his wonderful new map textures!!
    LUSTED, for permission to use his 'Dill Warrior'.
    Riczu, for his strat models and naval models, and his permission to use them, and a number of his Roman units.
    KALI, for several rebel banners and skins (I inadvertently forgot to thank him for, or ask about the skins )
    Ferres, Godzilla and Pinarus for their permission to use the Legion 1.5 pack.
    Webbird, for his Barbarian, Eastern, Carthaginian, and Roman models, and for his permission to use them.
    Spirit of Rob: Carthaginian units: Sacred band infantry and cavalry, Poeni infantry, Poeni cavalry, General's bodyguards, Generals, Elite African infantry (aka Numidian legionaries), and for his Spartans and permissions to use many of his models.
    Laca: Numidian auxiliary infantry and cavalry, camel-mounted spearmen
    Iberia Total War (Monkwarrior): Permission to use models and skins for Caetrati, Scutarii, Bela cavalry, Neito guards, Celtiberian spearmen, Cantabrian jinetes. Special thanks to Monkwarrior for his extremely helpful modelling tutorials (in Spanish!).
    EB Lusitanian elite infantry (hopefully), animations including two handed phalanx and two handed cavalry
    Lt1956 Two handed phalanx models from SPQR, and Greek Swordsman
    RTR Phalanx unit skins - I used a bit of one of the textures in the early libyphoenician spearman skin.
    Saniol, for kind permission to use his models/skins from the Ancient Wars mod - Falxmen, Horse archers, Noble cavalry and Tabostae
    Titus Andronicus, and Sleighr, who contributed a ‘Ptolemic Egypt Conversion Mod’, parts of which I used, and for Titus’ Syrian Archers, and Thracian Peltast.
    Cyrus, for his ‘Macedon Star’ Mod.
    OrrieBoi: realistic tree mod
    Warspite, for several of his mercenary units (could not contact him).
    Prometheus for his Grass Mod and permission to use it.
    Prometheus and Africanus for the city strat models and permission to use them.
    Archer, for his ‘Skymod’.
    OrrieBoi: realistic tree mod
    Player1 and Borsook for their Bugfixes and enhancements.
    IceTorque for his creation of the Huge map in this mod, and Webbird for his enhancements to it.
    Sinuhet for his Formations 7.0 and his technical help with the AI.
    Darth Vader for his EDU settings discoveries and his technical help with the AI.
    Repman for his tips on EDU settings and other helpful input, and permission to use his adapted Marcus Camillus Roman Leadership Mod
    Lusted and LT1956 for answering my many questions patiently during my long work on this
    Lusted for his tutorial on getting BI buildings into RTW..which worked perfectly.
    Hobbes - for the Mundus Magna 3
    Ngr - for the Mundus Magna 3
    The Trivium Organization - for various bits and pieces
    Vercingetorix - for the tools to mod RTW
    SigniferOne, for his ‘Animations Pack’
    Maximusminimus for a number of his Carthaginian models and unit cards.
    Burebista and Alin for Dacian units, and permission to use them.
    Kaweh K for permission to use his banners and faction symbols.
    I'd also like to thank someone who made some unit cards I used, especially for the easterns...but I couldn't figure out who because all the text was in russian.
    Northern Ranger for his further enhancements of the IceTorque\Webbird map.
    Tone, for all his 'individualization' of each of the Legions, and fantastic new skins
    Tone, for his skies mod and daylight settings.
    Antiochus Epiphanes, for his models and skins.
    Tyr, for his historical advice and temple descriptions.
    SquidSK, for his work on traits, maps and buildings
    Rory O'Kane, for his work on the Legion recruitment scheme and history.
    Drtad, for historical advice and input on Armenia and Eastern factions.
    Beta testers and historical info: Tyr, Ben259, Narses, pseudocaesar, caeser2345, fguerin, Shyam Popat, Jimexander the Mighty, swhunter, Drtad, & many others
    Roman_man#3, for a place to host our downloads
    Spartan_Shame, for his work on Unit Cards and the UI.
    Cherryfunk, for tireless historical input and unit creation ideas.
    Aja5191, for taking over publicity
    Hex Kahn, for work on unit descriptions.
    GershomPatmos, for work on projectiles.
    Alletun, for his beautiful faction symbols and ideas
    Baxon7, for his map textures and trees
    Antiochus Epiphanes: Models and skins
    Spirit of Rob: Seleucid General, other model and skin elements
    Europa Barbarorum Team: Cataphract, Thurephoroi and Thorakitai models
    RTR Team: Scythed chariot and elephant models

    And many others whom I do not know, who contributed to this Mod in some way. If I have forgotten someone, or have used something inadvertently that I shouldn’t have, please let me know.

    Conditions of use:

    This mod is for personal use only, anyone who wishes to use parts of our mod in a modification of their own must obtain permission from the creators of the material you wish to use and\or the Roma Surrectum team.
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