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Thread: mod with 31 factions!

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    Default mod with 31 factions!

    I've released my mod Machiavello 2.0; it updates the map (196 regions) to the historical situation of early XV century (1414, Council of Nicaea) it allows you to start with one of 31 fully playable factions, etc.

    This is the link (11 mb):

    It requires Regionmod 2.0 by sb2ean (10 mb):

    This is an important bug fix (0,5 mb):


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    Default Re: mod with 31 factions!

    Out of interest does that meen rebels are playable? Or are there no rebels?
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    Default Re: mod with 31 factions!

    I think his mod has rebels, but they're not playable.

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    Default Re: mod with 31 factions!

    im interested in this mod but can you say more about it?

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    Default Re: mod with 31 factions!

    1) 31 factions are now playable!
    - Kingdom of England;
    - Kingdom of France;
    - Kingdom of Denmark;
    - Holy Roman Empire;
    - Kingdom of Poland;
    - Kingdom of Hungary;
    - Ottoman Empire;
    - Mameluke Sultanate;
    - Kingdom of Merinids;
    - Kingdom of Castile;
    - Kingdom of Aragon;
    - Kingdom of Portugal;
    - County of Savoia;
    - Duchy of Milan;
    - Republic of Venice;
    - Republic of Genoa;
    - Republic of Florence;
    - Papal States;
    - Kingdom of Naples;
    - The Golden Hordes;
    - Aztech Empire;
    - Kingdom of Ireland;
    - Kingdom of Scotland;
    - Duchy of Burgundy;
    - Kingdom of Bohemia;
    - Republic of Novgorod;
    - Byzantine Empire;
    - Serbian Empire;
    - Kingdom of Hafsids;
    - New Maya Empire;
    - Independent Reigns.

    2) New maps and factions' introductions.
    3) New factions' sets (estate, army, victory condition, ...).
    4) Cared historical events' chronology (apart from the discovery of America).
    5) 2 turns in 1 year.
    6) Landbridges deleted.
    7) Positions and names of regions, cities, character edited.
    8) non-historical units deleted.
    9) buildings for Aztecs inserted.
    10) American coasts edited (more space for docking).

    - IMPORTANT: the M2TW menu could be instable (CTD), expecially when you select more then 6 factions consecutively in Imperial Campaign, or when you go to Custom Battle and then return in Imperial Campaign.
    I suggest not to waste time in menu, and to play soon.

    - Maiorca (owned by rebels) is inexpugnable.

    - In order to increase activity of american factions, the discovery of America has been brought forward.

    - Non-mapped units for new factions in battles.

    - No UI cards for new factions.


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    Default Re: mod with 31 factions!

    Hi Housekeeper. The patch wipes the Golden Horde right? Any plans to fix this in a further patch, since the Mongols are one of the more important factions historically/geographically? This is a great and very playable Mod, so I'm hoping.

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    Default Re: mod with 31 factions!

    I download your (wich look pretty good by the way!!!) and follow all the instalation step that you wrote but when I click on a faction Icon on the campaign menu it crash to desktop.Can you help me out please??

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    Default Re: mod with 31 factions!

    Quote Originally Posted by SimonB1er
    I download your (wich look pretty good by the way!!!) and follow all the instalation step that you wrote but when I click on a faction Icon on the campaign menu it crash to desktop.Can you help me out please??

    same thing happened here, just pick a faction and play or did you read the read me? the mod also ctd at start of play - think the problem is w/ regionmod. i installed just regionmod and it did the same thing. the english files don't work, everything still in italian.
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    Default Re: mod with 31 factions!

    Not sure that this is still being progressed. Does anyone know of any other Mods that increase number of factions?

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    Default Re: mod with 31 factions!

    The ultimate release of Machiavello is online. Link to download:;7180275;/

    note: file in 7z format, use 7zip or a recent version of winRAR.

    "Machiavello - Total War" is a strategic mod for M2TW that update the map to the historical situation of early 15th century
    (1414, Council of Constance). It presents 196 regions and 31 fully playable factions.

    Main features:
    - 31 factions playable!
    Kingdom of England, Kingdom of France, Kingdom of Denmark, Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom of Poland, Kingdom of Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Mameluke Sultanate, Kingdom of Merinids, Kingdom of Castile, Kingdom of Aragon, Kingdom of Portugal, County of Savoia, Duchy of Milan, Republic of Venice, Republic of Genoa, Republic of Florence, Papal States, Kingdom of Naples, The Golden Horde, Aztech Empire, Kingdom of Ireland, Kingdom of Scotland, Duchy of Burgundy, Kingdom of Bohemia, Republic of Novgorod, Byzantine Empire, Serbian Empire, Kingdom of Hafsids, New Maya Empire, Independent Reigns;
    - 196 regions;
    - UI Cards for new factions inserted;
    - Skins for new factions inserted;
    - 2 turns in 1 year;
    - landbridges deleted;
    - non-historical units deleted;
    - buildings for Aztecs and Maya inserted;
    - american coasts edited (more space for docking);
    - new factions' set (estate, army, victory condition, ...);
    - Settlements promoted to "large city", with some basic buildings;
    - real names for kings and princes added;
    - new maps and symbols;
    - historical events accurate;
    - new diplomacy, resources and AI.

    - MTW ITALIA: "Bellum Crucis" 2.0
    - Sb2ean: "RegionProvincesMod" 2.0
    - Darth Vader: "Darth Diplomacy/Campaign War AI pack" 2.5, "Darth Formations M2TW" 4.5

    Many bugs has been solved with this patch:


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    Question Re: mod with 31 factions!


    Thanks for the update but link to the patch doesn't seem to work - comes up with "wrong page" message

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    Default Re: mod with 31 factions!

    how do I install it?? PLease??

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    Default Re: mod with 31 factions!

    - To install, read the manual included with the patch :D
    - The Patch download does work, but you have to find the real URL.
    replace the hxxp with http and xxx with www

    Ok, I have a serious issue that is preventing me from being able to play the mod for long. I think it's around the 20th turn, no matter what faction. The game crashes with an error (unspecified error). I have applied the latest patch. Please fix this so I can continue my Irish Crusade!

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    Default Re: mod with 31 factions!

    anyways I re-downloaded the ultimate version (located a little bit down from the first post) and the fix and I haven't had the crashing to desktop problem. You should get a team for this mod, the faction flags obviously need to be made to what it actually was and you should make new units/events.


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