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Thread: tech tree/building browser

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    Default tech tree/building browser

    I'm looking for some sort of overview of building requirements and what they unlock (like units that can be recruited) if any exists, by faction or whatever. The in-game building browser seems to be quite bugged to say the least (RTW itself being buggy I guess).

    (I checked FAQ, gameplay guides and some searches, but if this has already been asked and answered I apologize. )

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    Default Re: tech tree/building browser

    No we have no such thing. If you want to check for unit avaliability then the eb trading cards is a damn good place to find your info.

    We don't have any kind of info on what benefits a certain building brings, or where it would be avaliable. Far too complex at the moment. We will of course include such a thing after 1.0, when everything has settled down, but before then it would be premature to do so.

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    Default Re: tech tree/building browser

    Dang. Well, I can see how it would be quite a huge lump of work and things might change during development anyway...
    Guess I will start paying a bit better attention in-game to what becomes available when to get an idea how things work

    Thanks for the help


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