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Thread: Lithuanian-Muscovite Wars - a mod for 16th century eastern Europe

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    Default Lithuanian-Muscovite Wars - a mod for 16th century eastern Europe

    The goal of this mod is to recreate the series of wars, which took place in eastern Europe with interruptions from 1492 to 1547, involving all local powers, but the main players were Lithuania and Poland alliance against Moscow (additional information - ). Conquering and annexing one Russian principality ofter another - the Grand Duchy of Moscow had grown into considerable political and military power by the end of 15th century. It wanted to unite all Orthodox Christian lands which former were part of Kievan Rus. Further it wished to expand to the coasts of Baltic and Black seas. In its way stood the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which origin was pagan state created by the Baltic tribes in the middle of 13th century, and by the 15th century it managed to expand in the expense of Rus lands to one of the largest states in medieval Europe. Lithuania was in personal union with Kingdom of Poland with interruptions from 1386, wherewith it gained strong ally in the inevitable confrontation with Moscow.

    From the military history point of view these wars differed from the contemporary wars which took place in western Europe (Italian wars), because the armies mainly consisted of cavalry forces which largely decided the outcome of battles. The infantry and artillery was mainly for fire support role and storming towns and fortresses. Cavalry was very varied - western type heavy knights with eastern horse archers in the same army was common feature, supported with other kinds of heavy and light skirmishing and melee cavalries. The infantry consisted of mostly of shooters (bow, crossbow, arquebus) with small number of anti-cavalry units with different pole arms. This all was connected with geographical circumstances in the great eastern European plain and steppe where mobility and manoeuvres were the main weapons.

    Potential features:
    *Timeframe from 1490 to 1550
    *8 factions – Grand duchy of Lithuania, Grand duchy of Moscow, Kingdom of Poland, Khanates of Crimea, Kazan, Astrakhan, Livonian Confederation, Duchy of Prussia.
    *New campaign map
    *Completely new units with lower level of details for better performance
    *New animations

    Thank you.
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