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Thread: Any China or Japan mods for M2TW?

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    Default Any China or Japan mods for M2TW?


    I would like to know if there is any China or Japan mods for M2TW. A Shogun mod would be cool

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    Default Re: Any China or Japan mods for M2TW?

    There is a team that has released a Zhanguo mod - everything from soldiers to buildings in a Chinese style - and another covering similar grounds. The releases are not quite the full version as of yet. Blue Lotus is another. Twcenter is down. It's has more details on its mods boards.
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    Default Re: Any China or Japan mods for M2TW?

    Plus, with any luck we will be getting asia total war next considering it was next on the polls to empire total war. If oyu want proof, head over to the total war forums. Who says CA dont listen to the commumity? Noone. thats who, noone.

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    Default Re: Any China or Japan mods for M2TW?

    not sure about China. but Samurai would be cool. Will be good if they have the actual Yari/spear that is 10-20 foot rather than the spears in Shogun.
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    Default Re: Any China or Japan mods for M2TW?

    Yep revisiting older releases on the newer engines would be pretty cool

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    Default Re: Any China or Japan mods for M2TW?

    Quote Originally Posted by born2dive67
    Yep revisiting older releases on the newer engines would be pretty cool
    Plenty of people have damned this idea, but I still maintain that Shogun should definitely be redone on M2TW engine. The idea of several, roughly equal warlods, of whom each has a unique advantage, but never crushing superiority (at the start at least) appeals to me a lot more than leading a whole country to war, and I reckon it suits the whole concept of TW a lot better too, especially given recruitment requirements, economy and army size. No one can convince me that France's entire armed forces in 1215 (my most recent campaign) are less than 10000 men, whereas it's more than acceptable on a smaller, feudal scale.

    Also, one nation = similar armies and return to simple rock + paper + scissor balance that made shogun and MTW such a boon on tactical level. I am adamant that unit variety in Shogun (with possible exception of battlefield ninjas and kensai) was just rich enough to make for a serious tactical challenge on a battlefield.

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    Default Re: Any China or Japan mods for M2TW?

    of course. that is why 10(?) years later, fans still long for the release of shogun. but i suspect it will still be a year or two - after Empire Total War.

    i don't really see the problem with Kensai and Battlefield Ninja - provided that the other models (*cough* *cough* Yari) are modelled properly. just your most humble Yari Ashigari (well, many of them anyway) are armed with a 10 foot long spears. Kensai are mostly armoured in the typical leather armor and ninja has no armor at all. Even the heavily armoured Romans have problem with Phalanx, I don't even want to speculate what kind of kebba that a properly aligned spearmen will turn those two units into.

    also, the potential of Great War in Korean Invasions 1 and 2 hasnt been exploited yet. i am expecting that if they do, they could offer something even better - especially with Korean warships and other units. Chinese Empire (Ming) might also be interesting.

    EDIT: yes, a plus will be getting rid of those magical/fantasy unit - elephant artillery for a start. elephant with muskets i dont have problem with.
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    Default Re: Any China or Japan mods for M2TW?

    I've been longing for a China: Total War expansion for ages!

    Perhaps a good idea would be to do an Asia: Total War game.

    The factions involved could be:

    Japan (several different factions)
    China (also several factions)
    Mongols (Yay! Finally, a chance to play the Mongols on homeground!)

    If the world map is big enough to extend southwards, then include:

    India (Then we can have elephants! Again!)

    The Expansion set can then be similar to Kingdoms, focusing on a particular area in detail. These could be:

    Indian Wars
    Japanese Sengoku Jidai
    China (Romance of the Three Kingdoms anyone?)
    Genghis Khan's Unification of the Mongol tribes (What?! You mean *they* have Horse Archers TOO?!)

    This would be the basis for a most brilliant game!
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    Default Re: Any China or Japan mods for M2TW?

    China (Romance of the Three Kingdoms anyone?) <- been done over by KOEI

    it is kind of cool and not great - the general's ability allows 100 men to massacre 1000-7000 in every "special ability attack". just missing magician...wait... they DO have magicians in there too! so yeah, i do have mixed feeling - one is that it is cool to have mighty generals (and duel!) and another is that ... one mangonel hit (or a unit) shouldn't really cause 1 million casualties.....

    but yeah, it will be cool. unfortunately they will have to do ALOT of research just on the names alone. plus probably some more fantasy units - if they sticks to history, then commanding armies of peasants are not fun.

    Genghis Khan has also been done by KOEI (then they stopped due to no demand). i guess it is alright - can cover the rise of the mongols because at that time, it is still M2RW. although i am not sure if they can actually do both Europe and Asia/Middle East. I am perfectly happy to settle for asia/middle east map. plus the chance to do what Mr. Kublai Khan has failed to do.

    Not sure about Indian wars, but I am sure that the Mongols will get them in the end, too! :-)
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    Default Re: Any China or Japan mods for M2TW?

    Want gunpowder, mongols, and timurids to appear when YOU do?
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