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    Warhammer; Total War v. 0.65 Beta release for Rtw 1.5;

    Installation instructions are in the enclosed readme file. Please report bugs in this thread.

    The UI cards are rubbish or missing, but apart from that it all should work fine.

    This has been a long time coming, thanks to all the team and helpers who have stuck by us...
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    A few more details, please? Like, for which version of RTW?

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    This mod still up? I tried downloading it few days ago, and I kept getting a "please select..." error message. Was saying barb_peasents couldnt be found in db on error? no idea.

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    Was saying barb_peasents couldnt be found in db
    This is a general game crash error, and is not actually the cause of the problem... which point was the game 'cutting out' at?
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    Question Re: RELEASED!!

    I can't download from megaupload. Can this be downloaded from any other site.

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    Smile Re: RELEASED!!

    I've managed to download it but in the first and third historical battles' loading screen the game crashes.

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    It's a known bug with marauder cavalry, andd will be fixed in the next release.
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    Interesting mod! It's fun to see people still playing with the game ;)

    Did you guys notice that the RTW engine has the ability to rescale models and animations at load time? Look at the use of the scale command in descr_skeleton.txt and desc_model_battle.txt, it's used to create the cheat Yubtseb elephant units which are 4x normal scale... for something like Warhammer, if you want to have really large demons and things, it should be possible to make them this way.

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    Awesomeness, many, many thanks your Grace.
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