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Good luck also to you and everyone else!
11-01-2011 04:32
05-21-2011 19:50
Losing to Sabre in the first round no longer bothe...
05-20-2011 03:03
good tournament, thanks for hosting. can't wait f...
05-08-2011 03:00
We extended the time to finish Round 1 to Midnight...
05-08-2011 00:39
guess its gonna take longer than one day.
05-07-2011 21:04
Seriously people speed it up, its 22.00 here, and ...
05-07-2011 12:37
We will decide on no-shows during the event. If t...
05-07-2011 05:09
What are the rules for no-shows? Is there a "check...
05-07-2011 04:37
didnt help like it it just standard GMT like londo...
05-07-2011 04:00
should be gmt+ or standard time. google gmt and yo...
05-07-2011 01:49
hey all just wondering if i can get more clarifica...
05-04-2011 15:35
Woo sponsored by CA, awesome :D.
05-04-2011 08:45
Will we be able to watch other player's battles? ...
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Davis Cup
my steam name are davveso medium founds medium army rice fields

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