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  • Re: Mod vs Mod - TWS2 multiplayer campaign deatchmatch

    Ok, so here is update #2 from the Chosokabe, part 1.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    With the Kono vanquished, all that remains is to take Iyo.

    Chosokabe Kunichika is developing his skills.

    I like to move further.

    And this sword looks cool so I'll have that...

    Aha, those Sogo are now back on their own turf. Better fix up Iyo while I think of it.

    And how about we build some stables here too.

    Having mastered Zen (for the markets) I now turn to Bushido.

    Then out of the blue comes the news that the dastardly Miyoshi have attacked my new-found allies the Sogo! I chose to go to war.

    I'm an attacking kind of Daimyo.

    Chosokabe Kunichika is on the move.

    My first Metsuke, at Tosa.

    And now to hire some trade ships and try to get some of the nodes.

    Couple of turns later, off I go.

    Here comes Kunichika. He's excited about marching on the evil Miyoshi.

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