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  • Shogun 2: Game Mechanics - Down and Dirty

    Have you ever wanted to know more about Shogun 2's mechanics, posing one of the following questions? (or those like them)

    Are archers less powerful in loose formation?
    What are the advantages of being Shogun?
    Farming or trade?
    Are Samurai archers really armour piercing?
    Meksuke, monk or ninja?
    Will my archers fire better in two ranks?
    What exactly triggers Realm Divide?

    If so, then you'll definitely want to head over to the Confucian Academy, the sub-forum dedicated to exploring the inner workings of TWS2 that seeks to give you the competitive edge. Although only being open for a few weeks now, some very high quality threads have already emerged.

    We have all the answers* and the tests to back them up
    *If we don't have the answer, we do have a place to ask the question

    As an example of some of the things you'll find, take a look at a graph from archer results. The goal was to test lethality of archers against different formation settings.

    Is this the kinda thing that interests you? It should be. Intricate understanding of the game can help you get a leg up, on both human and CPU opponents! Why not jump over to the sub-forum and join the discussion?

    Full link above and here: https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/forumd...fucian-Academy
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