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  • EBII Boii Preview

    The EBII Team presented another new faction in his latest preview: the Boii.

    These eastern Celts pose a formidable threat to the entire continent. Their warriors are ferocious and battle hardened, their kings are mighty and crafty, and their coffers overflow with the riches of trade. They remember the ancient Celtic empire, and if it would be reforged, they would have it done at their hands. They have the power and sway to attempt such a feat, and need only a leader to carry forth their power in all directions.

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    Argoi ("Nobles")

    This is the first of a series of 3 previews planned for this great celtic faction. Check it out!
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    1. TosaInu's Avatar
      TosaInu -
      Hello JMRC,

      Did you intend to share three attachments? I see only one displayed here.
    1. JMRC's Avatar
      JMRC -
      Actually, I only wanted to put the pics in there. Next time it will work better.
    1. TosaInu's Avatar
      TosaInu -
      Hello JMRC,

      Good point. We need an easy way to include pictures.
    1. Megas Methuselah's Avatar
      Megas Methuselah -
      Yay, the Boii!
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