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  • Tidings from the Tea House: new patch and rumours about DLC

    Dear readers,

    As most of you already know, CA released a new patch for Total War : Shogun II last Monday.

    There already exist two threads discussing the patch, namely HERE and HERE.

    We can also reveal to you that there are wild rumours circulating about new DLC for Shogun II that will be released soon. So far, nothing has been officially confirmed by CA, but hints have been dropped here and there.

    I suggest you all take part in THIS DISCUSSION and attempt to prompt the good people of CA to say more than they are allowed to

    As mentioned in a previous FP article, CA has agreed to answer questions from the community, so if there's still something you'd like to ask them but you haven't gotten to posting about it, make sure to check THIS THREAD for Single Player related questions and THIS THREAD for MP related questions. The more good questions we gather, the more information will be revealed!

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