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  • Tosa Cup Round 3 Replay Pack

    The Round 3 Replay Pack has been released and is available here. 9 separate matches are included, which accounts for about half of the bracket. Of the other 7, 2 were forfeit, 2 have not been played at the times of this post, and I am trying to obtain the other 3. This pack with be updated with them when/if I receive them.

    Due to the timing of the release of Patch 2, some of the Round 3 games were played with Patch 1 and some were played with Patch 2. As this significantly impacts how they play out on a Patch 2 game, I have labeled all of them with the Patch number they were played in.

    Video commentaries of some of these matches can be found in the Org Media Library. Many thanks to AzureCuzYeah and jackie_fish for creating the commentaries. You can see more of their superb TWS2 commentaries at AzureTotalWar and jackie_fish's YouTube channel.

    (Note: There will not be a release of a Round 2 Replay pack. Due to the number of byes caused by 74 players, Round 1, for most people, actually was Round 2. I called everyone's first match Round 1 for simplicity.)
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