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  • The Org's Writing Contest 2011: the results

    My fellow Orgahs, we can finally tie a ribbon around this contest and call it complete. We received 6 submissions in total. The 6 contestants were RTKAbu, Diamondeye, imperator77, Voigtkampf, Warluster and edyzmedieval. Each of these members submitted a short story to Andres, who was the only one who knew the identity of the contestants until the results were in.

    According to the rules half of the final result were determined by popular vote and half by our judges Lemur, Banquo's Ghost and CA representative Craig Laycock.
    As is not unusual in a contest with both judges and popular vote, there was a noticeable difference between the preferences of both. Although it can hardly be argued the winner didn’t deserve it.

    Ladies and gentlemen without further delay I give you the winner of the Org's Writing Contest 2011:
    With close 35% of the total amount of points to his name


    Congratulations, you win a 20 $ Amazon gift card and , the prized .Org literary badge.

    Runner-up: Voigtkampf

    Congratulations you win the prized .Org literary badge as well.

    Thanks to everyone else for making this year’s contest possible, whether by participating or by voting.
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