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  • Coming soon: DLC Review - Rise of the Samurai

    Did you enjoy our Ikko-Ikki DLC review? Did it help you decide one way or another if the pack was right for you? We hope so! In the same spirit, the Org will be launching an official overeview and opinion piece on the Rise of the Samurai downloadable campaign, coming sometime in September!

    Are you on the fence about this whole mini-campaign business? Want to know for sure if its worth the money? That's precicely why we're doing this, and why you can expect to read our official review on week one of release. Our goal is to provide Total War players a good overview of all the included content and say, from one fan to another, what we honestly think.

    Keep an eye on the Org for further news. To get an idea about what our overview will look like, take a look at the Ikko-Ikki DLC overview we did which i'll link below.

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