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    Online Multiplayer -

    Multiplayer games are as old as Total War itself. The Org maintains forums for all of The Creative Assembly's offerings, including:

    In addition to providing forums for MPers to get together, the Org provides it's users with the tools to host their own Tournament on the website, as well as an official Org ladder: The Sengoku Jidai League. Below is a list of the tournaments currently awaiting players, and here is a link to instructions on how to join.

    Throne Room -

    A Throne Room is where we play Total War in new ways beyond what's possible by just using the software. The two most popular games played here are hotseats and TW RPGs. Hotseats are so called because they make use of Medieval II's hotseat functionality. This allows multiple people to play a single campaign together, with each one in charge of a different faction. Since Medieval II does not allow two people to fight battle against each other in this mode, they are resolved in one of two ways: Either with autoresolve, or with the attacking side under the control of the player and the defending side under the control of the AI.

    If you think Medieval II's campaign is too easy, this is definitely the mode for you! You'll be up against opponents you are much more capapble of using armies, navies, spies and assassins to gain victory. However, the biggest change is now to can have actual conservations with your rival sovereigns, with the plotting limited by only your own imagination. When you're playing England, you have to deal with the King of France a lot differently if he's a real person!

    Here's a list of all the games in the Throne Room currently in progress. Don't be discouraged if a game is full, as real life gets the best of us every now and again and a spot may open in the future! Nor should you hesitate to organize a game of your own, as it's quite simple.

    Gameroom -

    The Gameroom is where the community comes together to play games that are unrelated to the Total War series. By far the most popular type of game here is the Mafia Game which is simple to learn, but difficult to master. The basic premise is that you have two categories of people, the town and the mob, each with the goal of eliminating the other. The catch is the mafia is usually a much smaller group then the town, and while people on the same Mafia team usually know who each other are, the people of the town rarely know what side anyone beside themselves is on.

    The game is played on the forums, although players often engage in intrigue using any form of communication they can, such as chats and IMs. Gameplay is divided into two phases, day and night. In the simplest type of mafia game, during the day everyone votes to lynch a player. Because the mafia team is so much smaller, the discussion is usually about trying to find a mafioso to lynch while the mafioso pretend to be town. Then, during the night phase the mafia are free to murder one or more players at their choosing while members of the town may or may not be able to take actions of the own. Victory conditions vary greatly among mafia games, but generally speaking the town wins when the mafia are all dead and the mafia wins when they can outvote the town.

    If you've ever wanted to test your skills at subterfuge and deception, or fancied yourself as a spy or detective, you can get no better practice then a mafia game! Trust is in short supply, and the only thing you can rely on to identify your enemies before they identify you is your own wits.

    Here is a list of ongoing games in the Gameroom. Even if there aren't any games accepting sign ups right now, Mafia games make excellent reads as you see people interrogate each other, accusations fly, and plots unfold. You can also manage your own game, from large ones requiring a place in the queue to 'mini-mafia' games that can be started at any time!

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