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  • Fall of the Samurai - pre-order

    The next game in the series is open for pre-order.

    If you pre-order the game, you can get some special pre-order bonuses. The bonus you get, depends on which edition you purchase.

    The three different editons are the following:

    The Limited Edition exclusive Saga faction pack, "The Emperor’s Diligence" - Centuries of trade with outsiders has given the people of Saga an understanding of foreign and modern ways, allowing them to adopt new military technology quickly.
    The Steam exclusive Tsu faction pack, "The Emperor’s Cunning" - Rising from humble roots, the people of Tsu are wise, artful and astute strategists. Their use of Ninja is unsurpassed on the battlefield and in covert operations.
    The SEGA Store pre-order exclusive Obama faction pack, "The Overseers" - With long experience of government and administration, the authoritarian people of Obama are unsurpassed in controlling people and trade.

    For more information, see the official announcement over at the .com.

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