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    The Org Total War Shogun 2 Creative Video contest is underway and three videos have already been submitted. Interestingly, each submission has looked at the game from a different level. Kraken gets personal in his video, "Blood Bath", showcasing many individual one-on-one struggles during a battle. Heads roll and blood spurts everywhere. Maltz looks at the grand scale of the game, covering the highlights of an epic Date-Legendary campaign. Short clips of the best battles are often shown at high speed giving the viewer an interesting perspective on the battle unfolding while others battles show a singular, close up event. Lastly (so far!), Tomisama's "End of the Old Ways" covers the actions of a single battle with well executed camera work. Battle views range from the eagle's view to close-in to cinematic pans of the engagement. Below are links to the videos - check them out!

    Kraken: "Blood Bath"
    Maltz: Date Campaign Condensed
    Tomisama: "End of the Old Ways"

    The contest runs until May 21 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time so there is still almost two weeks left to create your own video entry. Contest rules and helpful tips can be found here

    - Gregoshi
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