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    This was originally written as an invitation to only those who presented videos for the Org contest this month. But being that they all may not be able to participate, and there may be others in the community who were not able to submit entries to the Org contest, who would be. I am providing the following as an open invitation to any interested in having their names in the credits, to participate in a community project to produce a promotional video.

    Seeking a collaboration of video producers

    Frankly, I have a crazy idea, and I want you to be a part of it.

    I am sending this invitation out to all of those who presented entries in the latest Org contest, seeking to capitalize on your interest and skills in video production. And I need all seven, so don’t think that you are in any way unimportant to this project. Here’s the deal.

    I run a community contest operation called the Clan Wars Competition. The CWC has been providing multiplayer team contests to Total War Clans for almost ten years now. I would like to produce a promotional video to show the action and excitement involved in these games, hoping to encourage more interest and participation.

    Because you have already experienced what is involved in production from replays, and know how difficult and arduous a task it can be, you will understand that to produce anything with significant content can take many hours of sometimes frustrating labor.

    To complicate matters imagine trying to make a video involving six armies, fighting in an intricate battle over rough terrain, lasting over an hour. To do this properly, the task for one person (at least this person), would be considerably overwhelming, and why I am reaching out for help. My thought being that if each of you would contribute a specific portion that the job could be done without a major commitment of time and energy by any one person.

    What is involved? I have a replay of one of the first one hundred battles fought in the Clan Wars Fall of the Samurai 3v3 Spring 2012 competition. I have video of the one hour battle as seen on the radar, condensed to a little over four minutes, only to provide an overview (not for use in the video). I have an intended voice over script covering the battle.

    I will provide the introduction, basic overview, and conclusion for the video. What I need from each of you is to take a different players perspective, both external and internal views with effects track only, approximately three hours involved total.

    I will take everyone’s contribution and edit it all together and provide the narration. The music will be provided like everything else, from only the game itself.

    I hope you will agree to take part in this, the involvement of many contributors is very important to this effort, as it would make it a community project (this video), for a community project (Clan Wars), done by the members of a community project (the Org). How sweet is that?
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