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  • New Mafia Game in Sign-ups: Ekklesia

    Hello, Orgahs!

    This week in the Gameroom we have a new game in sign-ups hosted by the one and only Ignoramus. His game is titled Ekklesia, and it's a game themed on Ancient Greece - specifically, the Peloponnesian War. You'll play as either an Athenian senator determined to protect your city from the massive Persian Empire, or a Persian spy sent into the city to sabotage their war effort and assassinate the senators. But that's only scratching the surface - I'll leave Ignoramus to explain the rest.

    Ignoramus is looking for at least 30 players for this game, so be sure to sign up sooner rather than later if you're interested!

    For those of you who may not be familiar with the Gameroom, its primary attraction is the forum game "Mafia" (also known as "Werewolf" on some sites), a psychological deception game that also happens to be a great way to meet people on the site and have some fun.

    Link to Ekklesia SIGN-UPS
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