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  • The future of the TW-series

    There is already some talk and commotion about the next Total War game:

    Total War developer The Creative Assembly will appear at Rezzed: The PC and Indie Games Show to exclusively show the future of its strategy series.

    Attendees at the Eurogamer event will get the first look at the developer's next project during a presentation celebrating the studio's 25th anniversary, scheduled to take place 6th July at 1pm UK time.

    "This year, The Creative Assembly is celebrating a quarter of a century making games," said Total War lead designer James Russell. "I'll be at Rezzed giving a talk on the making of the Total War series, and showing a sneak peek of what we're doing next. Exciting times - see you there!"

    Rezzed takes place on Friday 6th July and Saturday 7th July at the Brighton Centre. That's in Brighton. Tickets are on sale now at www.rezzed.com, priced £12 for one day or £20 for both.

    Eurogamer is now revealing the event's full line-up thick and fast: earlier this week 2K announced that Borderlands 2 will be playable at Rezzed for the first time in the UK.

    Also playable: Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines, Introversion's Prison Architect, Croteam's Serious Sam 3 and Xenonauts, with many more set to be announced before July.

    Expect developer sessions, too, including one from Carmageddon Reincarnation developer Stainless Games and a 15-minute narrated demo of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
    source: eurogamer
    We know that Creative Assembly, the team behind Total War, want to do something different. Last time I spoke to them, they told me that one of their dream games was based entirely around the MesoAmerican (Olmec, Mayan, Aztec civilizations): “I’ve seriously suggested that if we ever do Mesoamerica, you don’t get another turn unless you sacrifice some people...” said Head Writer Mike Brunton; “It’s basically a whole bunch of people dressed like Leatherface out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, coming after you with broken bottles, coked out of their heads on chocolate, hyped up with the sugar rush…”

    That made us think; what do we want from Total War? What needs fixing? What needs changing? Here are our suggestions.

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