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  • Announced Features of Total War : Rome 2

    System requirements:
    • Completely scalable experience, with performance optimised for your PC or laptop. Witness the awesome scale of Total War: Rome II, no matter what your spec. CA
    • Multiple regions are controlled as a single province. PCGamer RPS
    • However, regions can still be conquered individually. RPS
    • Map covers a larger area than RTW. RPS
    • Regions can be captured without a siege battle. RPS
    • Army management has more focus on the entire group, rather than simply combining individual units. RPS
    • Legions can gain traits that last for the life of the legion. RPS PCGamesN
    • Legions will have different characteristics based on their origin (ie. Rhine vs. Eastern) RPS
    • Chains of 'dilemma' events. RPS PCGamesN
    • In-game cutscenes instead of pre-battle speeches. PCGamer
    • Control naval and land units in the same battle, including beach landings. PCGamer RPS
    • Naval artillery can attack cities during a city assault. PCGamer
    • Siege towers can be used in city assaults. PCGamer
    • New battle camera view with a wide overhead view of at least a major portion of the battlefield, with units represented by icons, though commands may not be able to be issued to individual units from this view. PCGamer
    • New battle camera view with an over-the-shoulder view from the perspective of a single soldier.
    • Unit limit approximately the same as TWS2. RPS
    • More Staff working on the AI. PCGamesN
    • Single AI, not two divided between diplomacy and campaign map decisions. PCGamesN
    • AIs have unique personalities, ala Civilization. PCGamesN
    • War Elephants PCGamer
    • Cavalry with Spatha Sword upgrade PCGamer
    • Multiple ships in a single unit. RPS
    • Modding support is unclear. PCGamer
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