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    This is a free for all hotseat using the Broken Crescent M2TW modification, version 2.3.2 (installation instructions below). This will be a lead battles game, meaning one may lead versus enemy (AI or human lead) armies if given the chance, or autoresolve at their own discretion. Sallies from the AI versus human besieging armies are automatically autoresolved.

    For those unfamiliar with hotseats or who have not played lead battles, you should consult the comprehensive guide to hotseat play and especially the lead battles section.

    Victory conditions: Be the last human player in the game or force the submission of the remaining players. If campaign victory is achieved but a player remains adamant to continue fighting you must oblige and carry on with the war. An allied victory is possible only for two factions maximum, and only if they remain the last two factions on the map or all other factions concede defeat to that alliance.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Each player has 48 hours to complete his turn (not counting weekends). After that the Admin may skip his faction or he can be subbed.

    Do not attack ships in ports.

    Armies boarding ships in ports can't stay there for more than one turn.

    Don't leave blockaded ports without beating the blockading ships first.

    Don't stack merchants in armies or forts to get more than one to stand on the same resource (Merchant Fort)

    No surrounding armies or agents to destroy them. (Surround&Destroy)

    Don't attack units who were left next to a settlement in order to capture it on the same turn in order to cheat the garrison script. In fact don't cheat the garrison script period. (this only applies vs AI factions)

    Don't use repeated offers for bribe to increase your faction leader's dread.

    Enable "Unlimited men on battlefield" in order to not abuse when leading battles vs the AI (PM me for instructions, though SS has this on by default)

    Armies that are defeated in battle by a player that comes after them in the turn list may not move the following turn. This is to make it fair for people who are defeated by players that come before them in the turn list, and thus lose all their movement points

    Armies that are defeated in battle may not be attacked on the following turn, as they are banned from moving, either by the game mechanics or by the rule above. They must be allowed to move first, or must be reinforced. If the defeated army retreats to a settlement or fort, this rule does not apply.

    Ballistas can't open anything, catapults can open wooden walls, trebuchets or better can open anything.

    Spies cannot open anything..

    Assassins are allowed to target anyone but the players are limited to one assassination attempt per turn. It must be the first action they do, before they spend money or do anything else. Upon a successful assassination the game admin will load that player's save and attempt the assassination. If the results are different there will be penalties for cheating.

    Crusades and Jihads cannot be joined or called.

    ONLY religious buildings can be destroyed upon the conquest of a settlement and ONLY if they are of a religion different than your own.

    No trading of provinces to receive free troops. If you trade provinces, make sure they have no garrison prior to the exchange.

    No deliberate deals that would put you in debt above -10,000 florins.

    How to set up your game:

    1. Install the mod. From this thread: Get file 1 and then file 2. Install.

    2. Install the patch and the quickfix from this thread. Rund them as administartor (detailed instructions in the thread).

    3. After you have done steps 1 and 2, download this archive and unpack it in your main folder for the mod. Overwrite when asked to do so. (If you want, back up your original mod files). This archive (provided by @LooseCannon1) changes the game so forts can be constructed - a paramount feature for a successful lead battles game.

    If you are new to the mod (like me) or version 2.3 it is advisable to read this and this thread.

    Faction choices:

    @Nightbringer - ?
    LooseCannon1 - Kingdom of Armenia
    @Visorslash - ?
    @Ignoramus - Eastern Roman Empire
    @SilverShield - Sultanate of Ghazni
    Myth - ?

    Having trouble choosing a faction? Check this out.
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