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  • 2nd world-wide community survey for ALL Totalwar fans

    Salve all you fans of the TotalWar franchise!

    Welcome to the concilium plebis secundum, the second world-wide community based survey made by the TW community for the TW community.
    This one is designed for all fans of the franchise, not just limited to TotalWar: Rome 2


    It has been a long time since we held the last “concilium plebis”. This one was also posted here on totalwar.org
    Last time Fredrin was in charge to setup a community survey and it did quite well. Nearly 4400 people all over the world answered about 20 questions about Rome 2, in just 8 weeks of time.
    Now nearly 8 months later and in expectation of the 1st Rome 2 release anniversary, I asked the community on TWC if they like to have another survey. I haven’t got a massive amount of replies, yet the vast majority voted for a “yes”.
    So decided to setup a new survey together with friends from the TW community. This survey will be considerably longer and more in-depth than it was in December, for good reason:
    The first survey was merely focused on the user satisfaction with the game, features, issues and questions about DLCs. A lot of people, mainly on totalwar.com, complaint that the survey Fredrin made, also with community help, was quite biased and so they also neglected the quite negative results of it.
    However having that amount of participants, even a lot outside the forums, made a good sample, but never a community survey is able to reflect a representative result, like a professional made survey that is done by specialists.
    Nevertheless the “concilium plebis secundum” I now kindly ask you to participate in, has a much more neutral and professional drive, I hope.
    This belongs how questions being asked and answers can be given, to address the quite valid complaints we had in the past. Still I also included very vital question from the old survey with the quite same phrasing, so it is possible to make comparisons to the results we had in December. I hope you won’t mind the phrasing of these few questions then. All recurring questions are intentionally marked.
    The “concilium plebis secundum”, as said, is much more complex, it handles a lot of aspects and addresses a wider player base, than just the single player community:

    Those are the main topics included:

    small hardware survey
    general questions about TW
    TW multiplayer community questions about multiplayer battles (optional)
    TW multiplayer community questions about multiplayer campaign (optional)
    TW modding community questions (optional)
    TW Rome 2 (optional)
    TW community / ideas
    TW future / your wishes

    Please do not be too disappointed that there still may be some questions not being included or handled with more detailed, such as historical authenticity, the latest DLC et cetera et cetera, as this survey is already very long and we need avoid distracting people with shorter attention spans taking part in this survey.

    The survey asks you a minimum of 32 questions and maximum of 80 questions, which are easy and quite fast to answer, but please take your time.
    According to our many beta testers you need ~15-35 minutes to complete. (Ofc also depending on your own level of understanding of the english language)

    Here is a little appetizer for you. Enjoy.

    For comments, likes and reps to the video please use the direct link above.

    Enough of the words, now raise your own voice:

    Do not forget to spread the word about this.
    An announcement on the totalwar.org news page would be very appreciated.
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