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    Hello there!

    Welcome to the Org, or as we old boys call it sometimes, The Guild. Welcome to one of the oldest TW websites on the internet and a wonderful corner of the Total War community for as long as it has been around. Somehow you stumbled here by chance, or by choice, and we want to welcome you around. Hi from me and I'm sure, as you've probably seen from the other threads, hello from the other patrons of this relaxed little place.

    You're a new member.

    Or maybe not. Maybe you're just a lurker/viewer/someone who constantly checks this place and other TW websites for info about the series.

    Either case, you're welcome at the Org!

    And you're encouraged to join and chip in the discussion. We might not be as active as the official forums, or maybe like Total War Center, but you're more than welcome to join in the discussion, start your own threads and other posters will follow and join you in the talks about TW. Or other things. Because we're not just a TW forum, we also deal in other things - like a Frontroom (for fun stuff) and a Backroom for political stuff. Don't be discouraged if you don't see activity - a lot of our members are lurking, watching, eyeing, spying in some cases even... (I see the old boys around... I see you...) but what's important is that you ask all of the questions that are sitting in your mind about your current campaign, future TW releases or maybe even info about other games in the Arena. Our patrons are here and they will help you out.

    The FAQ may be quite long and stuffy - but it does contain some basic rules to follow - which is why I made this relatively short post for the new members and lurkers alike. Basic rules of forums and conversation and you're good to go.

    FAQ - https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/showth...-Org-Rules-FAQ

    So to everyone who reads and is a new member or a lurker or even a passerby - welcome to the Org! Welcome to The Guild, and enjoy your stay because we've been enjoying it for a long time and we're here for even more time!

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