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    We at the .Org love to game, and the passion for which extends far beyond both the total war series and gaming in general to host a number of forum sponsered games. These normally take the form of Interactive Histories, Mafia games, or TWRPGs. A few that have caught my eye in the last week:

    Cecil XIX is looking for recruits for Vassals and Valour, a Total War RPG where players take command of individual towns, characters and armies - working together with other players in the same faction to expand their faction's dominance. It's a really interesting take on playing a game of Medieval 2: Total War and involves a lot of roleplaying, backstabbing, alliances and deals in order to advance your position as well as your faction's. Head over to the official discussion boards if you're interested to get a chance to shape the way the game is played.

    Kagemusha is looking for help to restart the Sengoku Jidai: Interactive History. Unlike TWRPGs, Interactive Histories are played entirely on the forums. Players struggle with and against each other in order to rewrite history through diplomacy, coersion or force. The SJ was one of the longest running, and is now looking for those interested in helping research Japanese clans of the period to provide a better, more accurate game experience. If you'd like to help research or just want to express interest in playing the final product (though i'm sure Kage would love any help you could offer!) make way to the official thread in the Chapter House.

    Veho Nex and Swoosh So would like to play some multiplayer campaign battles against any who are interested. Reply to their threads(Veho's and Swoosh's respectively) and give 'em a good game!

    Community Events are featured every Friday, want to appear here or find something I've missed? Send a PM with "COMMUNITY EVENTS" in the title line along with any and all details!
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