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    I used a spy to cause a revolt in an makedonian city to let it go back to ptoly┤s and fuel a war between them (they were allies). Everything worked and I got a message at the end turn messages saying mak and epirote has gone to war eventhough the epi┤s were destroyed like decades ago. The maks were at war with ptoly┤s though.

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    That sounds weird. I have no idea what causes it.

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    Was it originally and Eporitian the revolters are eporitian in origin?

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    If I recall, you can actually have cities revolt to dead factions, though they won't do anything as they don't get a turn.
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    It could also have to do with the alliances Epeiros had when it was destroyed. For some reason the game does not reset diplomatic stances to neutral.

    This also has consequences for the player. You cannot ally to a faction (say Sarmatians) that was allied to a faction (Epeiros) you were at war at.


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