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    How do I get the old battle menu back? The one where the menu showed up on the bottom of the screen.

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    I want to add my vote to this thread. The new battle screen prevents the player from using the top of the screen to advance. For example if you want to advance your army a considerable distance you would move the mouse to the top of the map and click but now with the map menu coming down you cant move an army very far. Another problem is the lack of a time speed modifier. Before with the old one you could speed things if you wanted to.

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    Minimal UI is default now?
    To change it go into the preferences text and look for 'minimal ui".

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    There should be a preferences shortcut included in the EB stuff in the start menu. Click that and tick the minimal UI off.
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    Also how did we take off the green highlights?

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    These are turned off by default as well. Go to the preferences menu of the Trivial Script and turn them back on.

    (Apart from that there exist some hotkey to allow you to use top part of your screen. Try fiddling with F5 onward. It toggles a lot of menu functionality when in minimal UI mode.)
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    How do I get the old battle menu back?
    The same way you switched it off.
    EB installer doesnt come with preferences.txt file. So at the beginning you had default UI configuration.

    To easily change it start EB Preferences / Preferences shortcut in your Rome -TW folder or MenuStart/Europa Barbarorum.

    Then check what you want and press Apply button.
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