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Thread: modding unit size to create large or small armies

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    Default modding unit size to create large or small armies

    Hi There,

    I was wondering if anyone had experimented with unit sizes (i.e. 'soldier' numbers) in the EDU, in order to create larger/smaller rival armies?

    For example, in medieval times, France had the largest concentration of knights in Europe. England had comparatively few knights but many bowmen.

    And so, in theory, could you mod unit sizes in the EDU to reflect these national differences?

    Also, I'd be grateful to know how to mod the units sizes effectively: is 60 the max number of soldiers per unit? And when changing unit sizes, should you mod by a factor of 25% or 50%? Any hints or guidelines welcome.

    And finally, while I'm here, what's the upper limit for collision mass in the EDU?

    Many thanks in advance for replies!

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    Default Re: modding unit size to create large or small armies

    Afaik the minimum is 5 or 6 and the maximum 60.

    All those refer to small unit sizes and are scaled automatically if you choose a larger size in game.

    To make certain units more plentiful than others, you can either raise them higher (up to 60) or (or in addition to) lowering the unit numbers for all other units. This is all in the unit file.

    To make France have more knights than England, you can either have specific faction units that have different sizes or have France have a higher replenishment rate or poll of recruitable knights while England has a smaller. This you can do in the buildings file.

    No idea on collision mass.
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    Default Re: modding unit size to create large or small armies

    Hi FactionHeir,

    That's great - many thanks for the info.


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