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Thread: Firefox Add-ons - what do you use?

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    Post Firefox Add-ons - what do you use?

    Hullo folks
    Just a bit of a mad idea, but, just out of curiosity, and in the hope of finding/sharing add-ons, I choose to start a thread on the subject.

    Basically, list your add-ons, including themes (although ensuring you separate them) and include links to them.

    For me:

    AdBlock+ - I installed it mainly to block those distracting and irritating animated/sound containing ads seen on many sites.

    NoScript - I just have this for safety really - I probably don't need it though - Firefox itself is a protection against a malicious website. Due to this I mainly have it there for the physiological benefit of feeling more secure when browsing and not having to worry about what I click on. It's also useful for blocking those dodgy analytic sites who you would prefer to remain invisible from.

    Speed Dial - This is a feature which, once I installed, I simply could not live without. It provides Opera style access to the users selected sites when opening a new tab/window. This dramatically speeds up navigation reducing what normally would be three clicks to a single one.

    TabMix+ (currently disabled due to incompatibility with Firefox 3.0b5) - with Firefox 2, one of the things I always desired was the ability to duplicate tabs and force automatic reload for very certain number of seconds (useful for checking if a down website is active yet). This add-on granted it and, right now, I'm kind of missing it. Although Firefox 3 has inbuilt tab duplication, the lack of an automatic refresh is a tad irritating.

    Download Status Bar - The download manager opening in a separate window was something which got to me in Firefox 2. This add-on allows easy monitoring of downloads without having to constantly flick between different windows.

    IETab - This is useful for those websites which require Internet Explorer. Right click on the tab, select to switch rendering engine, and the web page displays as it does in IE. Nowadays I'm having to use it less and less frequently as more sites support various browser platforms, but some sites still refuse to develop for anything beyond IE.

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    Default Re: Firefox Add-ons - what do you use?

    Bookmark Sync&Sort (to load my bookmarks on multiple PCs)

    That's pretty much it.
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    Default Re: Firefox Add-ons - what do you use?

    Lots of great options, I'm interested to see what others use.

    Here's my list for Firefox 3 (that haven't been mentioned already):

    PicLens - very slick interface to picture archives
    Web Developer - great coverage of the entire web coding arena
    IE Tab - switches page view to and from the IE engine
    Flashblock - the best addon ever
    Forecastfox - handy, nicely configurable weather

    Firefox 2 addons I really, really miss and still use FF2 for:

    Firebug - step through JavaScript, invaluable
    Fire FTP - full FTP client in a browser window
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    Default Re: Firefox Add-ons - what do you use?

    AdBlock+ and NoScript.

    I used to use FlashBlock, but that was mainly to cut down on the annoying ads, which AdBlock does anyway. Eventually I got tired of having an extra click to watch YouTube vids.
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    Default Re: Firefox Add-ons - what do you use?

    • Firefox

      • AdBlock
      • FlashGot
      • text/plain

    • SeaMonkey

      • AdBlock
      • BBCode
      • CopyImage
      • Extension Manager/Uninstaller
      • FlashGot
      • Secure Password Generator
      • text/plain

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    Default Re: Firefox Add-ons - what do you use?

    • Adblock Plus
    • Adblock Filterset.G Updater
    • Chatzilla
    • Download Embedded
    • Gmail Notifier
    • not4chan Extension
    • 4chan
    • GaiaOnline toolbar
    • Unhide Passwords
    • PDF Download
    • Talkback
    • DownloadHelper

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    Default Re: Firefox Add-ons - what do you use?

    No Script, Adblock and PDF Downloader.
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    Default Re: Firefox Add-ons - what do you use?

    Adblock Plus
    All-in-One Sidebar(important, makes FF more like Opera )
    RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin Game Launcher

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