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Welcome to the .Org's Medieval:Total War Wiki Reference Guide. The purpose of this Wiki is to offer an easy way to reference numbers and aspects of Medieval: Total War and Viking Invasion while online. Information and statistics about units, buildings, combat mechanics and more can be found here.

Most of the information here pertains to Medieval:Total War, with the Viking Invasion expansion pack installed and patched to version 2.01. Quirks and features (aside from the VI campaign itself, obviously) that are not in the expansion pack will be noted when possible. The 2.01 patches for both VI and the Gold edition can be found here.

Wiki Topics for Medieval: Total War

Setting Up A Single Player Game - Explanations of what effects the different game settings, eras and faction choices will present the player.

Campaign Map Topics - In-depth look at navigating around the campaign map and building your empire.

Battle Map Topics - Information regarding the combat engine.

Custom Battles

Setting up.

Multiplayer Battles

Setting up. Servers.

Historical Campaigns and Battles

Descriptions, objectives, walkthroughs. Need to add unit type links to army lists, as well as valour/armour/weapon upgrades.

MTW Modding - Helpful hints about modding, as well as descriptions and links to existing mods hosted on the .Org.

Technical Help FAQ - Solutions for getting MTW running on newer hardware.

Wiki Guide Contributions

The .Org's Wiki is open to edits by all members, so clarifications, corrections, and more content are all welcome. The rules of the forum apply to the Wiki, and users are responsible for their edits. Feel free to use or copy/edit the page templates for compiling guides on other Total War games or mod projects, but be careful editing the existing templates as they are used by many pages. Please prefix your pages with an suitable acronym to avoid conflicts with other mods/pages. Remember, your version of Archers will have different building requirements, costs, and stats than someone else's, and may even be in a different game version altogether. Reserved prefixes are here, add your prefix when you begin.

Version or Mod Name Prefix
Medieval: Total War MTW_
MTW: Viking Invasion VI_
Rome: Total War RTW_
RTW: Barbarian Invasion BI_
Medieval II: Total War M2TW_
M2TW: Kingdoms M2K_