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    I remember reading somewhere that the SPQR mod could create massive battles with armies nearly 20,000 strong. I'm not sure if that was an exaggeration or if that incident was the result of several large armies converging at the same place at the same time, but I'm wondering:

    If (IF) SPQR can manage battles that huge, does that mean that unit sizes in the EDU can be changed and made larger than what we're used to, or that unit limit can be increased?

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    No, SPQR uses a zero-turn recruitment system, so factions can recruit huge armies right away. This would mean a whole ton of full stack armies can be on the field in just a few turns so you're more likely to get very large battles. Unit limits cannot be changed; it's hardcoded.
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    OK, thanks for letting me know. As the title said, I was more curious about the matter than serious anyway.


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