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Thread: Pope - but no Papal States

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    Default Pope - but no Papal States

    Hi There,

    In my campaign Sicily has conquered Rome and destroyed the Papal States faction. But there is still a Pope. And this Pope hates England (nothing new there!), which is my faction. He has excommunicated England, even though I've done nothing worse than any other faction! Anyway, I wanted to ask: what normally happens after the Papal States are destroyed? Thanks in advance for replies.

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    You cannot destroy them. There is no such thing as taking Rome causing the Papal states' destruction unless you modded it that way.
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    Default Re: Pope - but no Papal States

    Hi FactionHeir,

    Thanks for this.

    OK, I must be going crazy. When I played on my last session, I could not see the Papal States' yellow colour on the map. In fact, Rome looked grey, and as Sicily was rampaging through Italy, I kinda thought they'd taken Rome. Now I'm wondering if maybe Rome turned rebel for a turn or so, because, having checked, I see that Rome is yellow again and - as you rightly say - the Pope is still on his throne and bossing people about. And so, my error I think. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Pope - but no Papal States

    think i killed of the pope ten times in a row and he kept popping up, ready for a new beating. if i do remember right the papal states did not even control any region, think he has got some horde ability going for him.


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