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Thread: rebels and pirates spawn

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    Question rebels and pirates spawn

    good day

    i have a problem regarding rebels and pirates.
    i've set their spawn value to zero, yet they keep on popping especially in
    england and northern france w/c are my territories.
    i play as england, i have the vanilla m2tw.

    then when i tried toggle_fow, i saw just three rebel armies in other regions.
    why does these rebels just pop out in my territories?
    thank you for your help

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    Default Re: rebels and pirates spawn

    0 actually means a high spawn rate. The higher the number the lower the rate, but you cannot make it impossible for them to appear (there always remains a tiny chance) unless you change their entries in your regions file and delete map.rwm afterwards.

    Quickest and simplest way is just to set the number in descr_strat to a large number, such as 70000.
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    Default Re: rebels and pirates spawn

    really? i thought 0 means no spawn.
    i'll try your solution


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