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    Hey Guys!

    i need help!^^

    2 problems:

    1st one:

    I have a 17" Monitor.
    And to use it correctly i changed the
    resolution into 1200x900 [dunno the correct numbers]
    but the resolution doesn't change!
    it's still the blurred and fuzzy resolution i see
    when i play on a resolution which is too low...
    where can I do sth to get this right?

    2nd problem

    my battlemap looks like this:

    the unit menu on the top does only appear when i but the
    mouse on it...
    this sucks a lot!
    where can i change this?

    additional information:
    i installed RTW and EB on a friend's computer and i had
    the right resolution and i had the normal battlemap...

    plz help me or i will loose the fun to play eb!!!

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    Let's assume you don't actually mind using your keyboard:

    F6 will lock the GUI on top.
    Hit it again and the GUI will be unlocked (and won't appear even on mouseover) so you may enjoy more of the carnage.
    Hit F5 and F7 to toggle radar map and unit cards respectively.


    Resolution does not change? You might benefit from checking the -ne switch; also keep in mind that the GUI of RTW was optimised (by CA) to be rendered at 1024*768.

    1200*900 is considerably larger; hence the blurry look of particularly portraits. You're lucky your monitor actually comes in this 4:3 aspect ratio: at least circles are actual circles.
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    no i didn`t have meant the i want that the GUI is locked on the top.
    my problem was, that the whole HUD is different...
    there usually was everything i need on the bottom...
    the map, the GUI, the unit-cards everything...
    and i also recognized, that when i pressed the Pos1 key
    the camera doesn't focus on my general...
    [i loocked into the control settings and i didn't found
    anything that affects this...]


    what is the "-ne switch" Oo?

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    If you installed the trivial script, go to your start menu. Find your Europa Barbarorum shortcuts and open up Preferences. Untick the Minimal UI checkbox and you'll have your original GUI back.

    If you haven't installed the trivial script, or you don't want to use it, head to your \EB\preferences folder. Open up preferences.txt. Where you see MINIMAL_UI:TRUE, change the TRUE to FALSE.
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    thanks dude!

    okay this solved the second problem :)

    but what about the resolution? :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by saftglas
    thanks dude!

    okay this solved the second problem :)

    but what about the resolution? :(
    If you're using a 17 inch CRT with 4:3, 1024x768 will probably yield better results. If its a 17 inch LCD with 4:3 ratio you're probably better off with 1280x1024. I use 1280x1024 on a 19 inch 4:3 LCD no problems at all.
    -ne must be added to the end of the EB shortcut command line (right click EB shortcut, to "xxx\xxx\RomeTW.exe -mod:EB -ne" for example). If you're unsure about editing command lines, google it, will help in general windows stuff outside of EB too

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    k i'll try this...

    one moment please ;)

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    hm it doesn't really work...

    where should i add -ne?

    my command line is:

    "X:\XXX\Rome - Total War\EBTrivialScript\EBTrivialScript.exe" -s ebconfig.xml -runeb -type "Single Player"

    i installed the trivial script ;)

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    Use configuration shortcut and "tick" "Window mode on"
    Or change your shortcut to
    "X:\XXX\Rome - Total War\EBTrivialScript\EBTrivialScript.exe" -s ebconfig.xml -runeb -type "Single Player" -rtwoptions " -ne"
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