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Thread: missin recruiting units for KH

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    Default missin recruiting units for KH

    allo everyone!
    there's an issue that I have on my KH campaign and is that some of my units can't be recruited, even if they appear in the building info and even if I can retrain them! they just don't appear in the recruiting box I checked the export_descr_building file and the units are there they just don't appear to be recruited
    the units that are lost are mainly the toxotai and the heavy pelastai including the thessalian cavalry and the illyrian units too... so far
    am I the only one with this problem?

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    Default Re: missin recruiting units for KH

    Are you sure? Are you sure when you're retraining, it's not just fashioning them with some new equipment from the blacksmith? Are you sure you're not building a regional instead of a native barracks or vice versa?
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    Default Re: missin recruiting units for KH

    I'm afraid that yes, indeed you are the only one.
    I'm 70 years into my KH campaign and, apart from a missing portrait for the nomadic client ruler, I'm not missing anything.

    Is this the first campaign you play? If then it could be a corrupt install...
    But first hear if someone can pinpoint your problem.

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