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Thread: give_money does not work

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    Default give_money does not work


    why does the console command:

    give_money gauls, 10000

    not work for me?

    I am already using the faction´s internal names

    seleucid - Romani
    greek_cities - Koinon Hellenon
    thrace - Epeiros
    macedon - Makedonia
    numidia - Ptolemaioi
    romans_julii - Arche Seleukeia
    romans_brutii - Baktria
    romans_scipii - Hayasdan
    carthage - Pontos
    pontus - Saka Rauka
    armenia - Sauromatae
    parthia - Pahlava
    dacia - Getai
    germans - Sweboz
    scythia - Arverni
    gauls - Aedui
    britons - Casse
    spain - Lusotannan

    Could the force diplomacy mod be problem, that i have already installed? Are negative amounts also possible?

    Thanks in advance for answering

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    Default Re: give_money does not work

    First of all give_money isn't an actual code the game will recognise.

    It should be add_money.

    Second: negative amounts are possible; third and this where I am unsure: does the comma really belong there?

    Check the proper syntax in-game by typing ?add_money first; then see if there's something different from what you've been doing.

    Final question: how did you determine that the command didn't work? I assume you got an error message - something like "Command not recognised" ?
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    Default Re: give_money does not work

    It's add_money x, not give_money. That's the problem.

    Edit: Gah, too late. But at least I can say that the comma belongs there. If you want to give money to another faction you have to add the faction's name after add_money and end it with a comma. If you want to give money to yourself it's enough with just add_money x.
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    Default Re: give_money does not work

    I use this command alot to give money to the Seleucids to help them against, well everyone in their neck of the woods...especially the Ptolemies:

    add_money romans_julii, 40000

    You can make the money 60000, 90000, 1000000000, etc...but 40000 mnai is the most that is recognized each time you use the command
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    Default Re: give_money does not work


    what an superior community reaction - fast and informative.

    Thanks for enlightment

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    Default Re: give_money does not work

    Also, using add_money "Gauls" 40000 appears to work, at least for me.
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    Default Re: give_money does not work

    Quote Originally Posted by General Appo
    Also, using add_money "Gauls" 40000 appears to work, at least for me.
    You sure it's not you that's getting the money?
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    Default Re: give_money does not work

    Another option if the "add_money" cheat does not work to give money to enemies is use force diplomacy and force them to accept your money.
    It is what I used to do when I didn't know the "real script name" of the factions.
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    Default Re: give_money does not work

    Quote Originally Posted by Korlon
    You sure it's not you that's getting the money?

    He did say it works for him
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    Default Re: give_money does not work

    what is the internal name for saba in the console because i need to give them money in a hope they start expanding (its 228BC and they have only taken 2 settlements. i need them to expand so that there is someone to challenge the ptolemies. AS and hayasden are dead and pontos only have 1 settlement left) only Bactria can challenge them but they are too busy with Saka
    thanks for any help

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    Default Re: give_money does not work

    The internal name is...


    This space intentionally left blank.


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