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Thread: Important Information For Forum Users

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    Default Important Information For Forum Users

    EB 1.2 Fixes
    Got a Bug? This is the forum to post it in. But first please download and install the 1.2 fixes as these may fix your problem and you won't be left hanging around waiting for us to get back to you. You can find the the fixes in this thread. Follow the instructions carefully.

    Install Validation
    Having a problem with getting the game to even start? This little utility will help you find out the problem. If something is missing then it might be best to try installing again (making sure to follow the guide below). If nothing is missing its time to ask for help.

    A Guide To Install EB
    Originally written for an older version of EB this will still help you through the sometimes confusing world of EB installation. Most important rule: Install into the same folder in which you find the RomeTW.exe.

    Frequently Encountered Issues
    If you are having a problem please check in this thread before posting a bug report. It may be that someone has already had the same problem and a solution has already been discovered. Only check this after installing the EB 1.2 Fixes, here

    How To Ask For Help
    There are ways to report a bug and ask for help, this is the thread that tells you how. For people to help you, you will need to follow the rules contained within this thread. The more information we recieve the better and faster we will be able to help you.

    How and Why to Post A Savegame
    Can't get past a problem and no other solution has worked, perhaps someone can see something you didn't if you post them your savegame. Don't know how? Follow this thread.

    Process Monitor Installation and Use
    This handy little utility will spot possible causes for mid-game crashes with relative ease. To install and use this program follow the instructions in this thread.

    Important information not related to technical stuff
    In case you missed the similar sticky in the main forum, there it is... It contains among other threads a FAQ, so check if your problem is covered among those links.


    The EB Team

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