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    Default i just like the name

    so this piece of gives his kids names they will be ridiculed for and then when he's called on it makes up some about how he just likes the name adolf hitler, and the other kid's name of aryan nation must just roll off the tongue easily...'yeah, that's the ticket, it just has the right cominbation of vowels and consonants...yeah' if you're gonna have extremist beliefs, at least have the intestinal fortitude to come out and say so, and don't use your kids as a shield to have behind.,2933,468250,00.html
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    You may want to link to a real source of news instead:

    But yeah... this is awful...
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    Insane. People should be able to name their kids what they want but some people just shouldn't have kids. That kid is going to have a horrible time until she's old enough for a name-change, how radical can you be to put your white-pride above the welfare of your own child.
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    Default Re: i just like the name

    I heartily agree. Unpleasant pair of creatures.

    Seems that getting noticed is their big thing in life.

    Ironically after reading this story I am more in favour of eugenics...

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    Default Re: i just like the name

    There's nothing worse than parents giving their children stupid names. There was a bit on the news here recently about how more parents are giving their children names like 'Princess' and 'Little Miracle'. And while of course they're completely different from something like 'Adolf Hitler', they're all going to end up with the child being humiliated.

    At least when they grow up they can change their name to something better... 'Max Power' perhaps?
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    Default Re: i just like the name

    You got Lemur's? I posted this in News of the Weird already days ago
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