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    Default More Pious Priests

    Ok, I just got this game a couple of days ago... yea I know.
    One thing that is bugging me is that I don't have a priest over 3 pious rating.
    How do you raise it?
    I tried hunting heretics, but they are hard to find and I only was able to kill two out of 4.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: More Pious Priests

    Try a forum search for a guide to priests.

    Generally, put them in regions with high heresy or other religions for more than 5 turns.
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    Default Re: More Pious Priests

    try popping out all priest ffrom a single region to get a theologians guild (make sure no other guilds are in the city you pop priests, and that is it a CITY not a castle) and build cathedrals (in unpatched versions huge cathedrals dont churn bishops, if you have a fixed version of this than upgrade to huge cathedral) in the same city
    after youve got huge cathedral and theologians guild HQ you will churn out priest with MINIMUM 5 piety (i also got one with 10 piety straight from the recruitment queue^^ )
    other than that, hunt heretics, witches and keep your priests in areas that your religion is low or none

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    Default Re: More Pious Priests

    Like FH said, use them to convert the locals where the population don't believe in Christ. Some faction have better geography regarding this then others. Spain and Portugal are in ideal position to get high piety priests within the Iberian pensiular. Hungary get their chances with the Byzantium settlements. While Denmark and Poland have lots of Pagan settlements around them. For other factions such as England and Milan things might be harder. Try to push at least one settlements towards getting a Theologian guild, as soon as you get one of these the priests you train from that settlement is much more resiliant against turning into heretics, after getting master and HQ you should be able to pump out 5+ piety priests every time.

    Similar tactic apply to Muslims and Orthodoxes.

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    Default Re: More Pious Priests

    send them in groups of 5 at a time into regions with a different religion.
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