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Thread: VanillaMOD CTD's

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    Could someone walk me through installing VanillaMOd,just to make surte I'm doing everything right? I'm getting CTD's when I attempt to play a battle myself,rather than auto-resloving and it's annoying as hell. I installed Vanilla by unzipping all the files directly to my MT2 directory,then did the same thing with the 0.93b patch,as when I unzipped the patch to a seperaye directory in the VanillaMod subdirectory that it creates,MTW2 refuses to let me run ANY campaigns full-stop.

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    Sounds to me like you have unpacked your game before that's causing this.

    Read the step by step walkthrough if you haven't done so already for your other problem.
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    After uniinstalling the game and doing a clean install,then installing VanillaMod,all problems have at last been fixed. Thankks for all your help in sorting out the problems,it's much appreciated.


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