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Thread: Vanillamod compatibility

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    Default Vanillamod compatibility

    Greetings! I was wondering if Vanillamod is compatible with Vices & Virtues Fixes mod made by Orientis.

    I noticed that they some of the things that they change are the same, so i am guessing they are not. But then again, i have very little experience with Total War mods so if someone can give me a definitive answer to that i will be very grateful.

    And a second question to the Vanillamod creator: Does the Vanillamod fix most traits and ancillaries the way V&V Fixes mod does or it is not that detailed?

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    Default Re: Vanillamod compatibility

    I don't know the VnV fixes by Orientis, but the VanillaMod VnV fixes have been tested over the course of more than a year in King of the Romans PBM (as Kotrfix)

    As such, it would not be compatible with Orientis' mod as VanillaMod fixes all ancillaries and traits and adds missing ones plus additional triggers.
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    Default Re: Vanillamod compatibility

    All right, thanks for the fast response. Looks like i will be installing Vanillamod very soon. Cheers


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