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    Have any of you ever had any success bribing enemy armies? I know it's a bit 'cheap' tactic but def. a great alternative. I however never manage to bribe armies...I always get "just rejected". Do you just need better diplomats and less loyal enemy armies...or is bribing too hard in this game?

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    Default Re: Bribing armies

    Nearly impossible past early game unmodded.
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    Default Re: Bribing armies

    Oh yeah, bribing, I remember that feature from Rome. It seems to have disappeared...

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    Default Re: Bribing armies

    I almost never even try. I tried to bribe Florence(?) at about turn 20 in my present Retrofit campaign but it keeps being just rejected. I imagine if I had 50k florins it might work. Whenever I try to bribe field armies the price is unbelievably high and then all the units would disband anyway. I just ignore this "feature".

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    since i started playing heavy again, about a week ago, a total of 0 successful bribes.
    although i wasnt really focusing on a high bankroll or good diplo's.

    what i find to be horrible is that in many situ's most of the army would disband anyways.
    very little point to bribe an army if you dont even get it.
    basically paying them off to go away.
    (or not paying them at all, and they attack you, b/c bribes dont work.. lol)
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    Default Re: Bribing armies

    i went out of my way to try and bribe a few things for a minute.
    i managed to get a low level french diplomat for a little over 1000 gold!
    such value!

    in case anyone was wondering, i used a lvl 7 or 8 diplomat.

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    Default Re: Bribing armies

    I only ever bother trying to bribe good "rebel" family members, especially if my family is dopey or has an aversion to reproduction. In the beginning I never have any money anyway, and by the time I have lots I will just kill their armies/agents instead with my armies or assassins.
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    Default Re: Bribing armies

    I keep getting my Welsh armies bribed and losing them from the Scots and the my territory.How do you prevent this?


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