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Thread: Immersion factor.

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    Default Immersion factor.

    I'm a player from MTW VI and i really didn't exhaust the possibilties of that title when I had to change over to Vista, so I've got M2TW Gold Edition.

    I'm finding the M2TW mildly engaging; when I mess up for whatever reason things begin to get interesting.

    I'm not finding it as immersive as MTW original - yet, but I'm prepared to keep at it. I may not have realized all the potential of the game .

    I'd be interested to hear anything about the roleplaying aspects of the game.
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    Default Re: Immersion factor.

    Roleplaying, may I suggest you head over to the Throne room?
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    Default Re: Immersion factor.

    I too enjoyed the immersion of MTW, and I found number two lacking, I therefore went looking for some Mod's, I found Deus Lo Vult to be the best. You should head over to the .net and have a look.

    Fantastic Mod, good luck!

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    Default Re: Immersion factor.

    Thanks for the replies FactionHeir and Bopa the Magyar.

    The Throne Room, which had completely forgotten about (?), looks worth exploring.

    Deus Lo Vault is just a bit too "big" for my capabilities - although it looks just the job for increasing the roleplay.

    Just had a fascinating and quite lengthy battle as the Turks against the "betraying" Byz. Micro managing the units and slowing things down certainly increases the concentration. What happened to the Ghazis? I used to love them. Now I can only train them as mercenaries, and I can't test them out in a custom battle.

    Thanks, again.
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    Default Re: Immersion factor.

    DLV : BKB super mod
    current version 6.0

    Stainless Steel : XL
    current version 6.1

    Take your pick, or for a completely different experience try Broken Crescent.
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