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Thread: Durable headphone/set

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    Default Durable headphone/set

    Looking for one as well. My most recent purchase died after nigh 2 months.
    Tried Plantronics, Sony, Philipps and a few less known brandsa so far. Except for the plantronics one all lasted less than 5 months due to cable issues i.e. left/right stps woreking or becomes sporadic and works only when worn in a certain position.

    Not too fussed about sound quality, just that it has to be fairly light (not the bulky ones) and not the neckband type as they won't fit well with glasses. And preferrably very durable/thick cable so wearing it for long periods of time won't cause bends to damage the cable again.

    P.S. read the other threads already and didn't want to necro
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    Default Re: Durable headphone/set

    I've got a great Sennheiser set that has endured a great deal of abuse. Excellent sound, too, although you don't care.

    Here's the current version of the headset. Don't think they've changed much since they made mine ...
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    Default Re: Durable headphone/set

    I've had these for a while now and have been very happy with them. They're big, but very comfortable. They sound good and have a pretty decent mic.

    I see that you're a glasses wearer, so am I. What I love about this headset is that it fits completely over the ear, not on it. Most headsets that sit on the ears would make my ears sore where the stems from my glasses go over the ear. Not so with these.
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    Default Re: Durable headphone/set

    My dad got these for $10 USD somewhere. Cheap, comfortable and effective (though I'm no audiophile). And they're in silver and black and not the siller oranges on that website. Very satisfied, and not worried if they get damaged or broken. Not a headset, but since you said headphone/set I thought I'd mention it...


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