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    Default Vassalage

    I have become a super power as egypt and made friends with nations I am counqeuring, but I cannot force them to become vassals no matter how hard I try <_<...
    Any advice.

    (I brought turkey to there knees and wiped out all of there armies and still nothing.

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    Default Re: Vassalage

    Try a search for Vassal or Vassalage, you'll find endless discussion on it

    But in unmodded M2TW, you (or rather you and all your allies that are at war with them) need to border all their regions and outnumber them in troops both at the borders and inside their regions for them to consider it.
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    Default Re: Vassalage

    Well I did do that and still failed epically since once I hit the 20 region mark most my allies betrayed me <_< even the Muslim ones.

    Suprisingly im at perfect standing with the pope and the moors O_o....

    offcourse the real problems are I have looked and still doesn't help me much since I have done the wipe out, made buddies, and offered huge sums of gold and still refused <_<.

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    Default Re: Vassalage

    What is your reputation like? A poor one will most certainly make it harder to make them your vassel. And remember, your vassel's vassel is not your vassel.

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    Default Re: Vassalage

    I'm really not sure how it works. I have never had any faction agree to become a vassal.

    Just for giggles, I did become a vassal once :) An AI faction I was in the process of destroying would make the offer every turn; my treasury was hurting and I really wanted to concentrate on other opponents; I become a vassal_peace, treasury shot up, other factions were no longer at war with me. I managed to draw my "protector" into conflict with another faction and overall could see no downside to the choice.

    I have no idea how to get the AI to accept the offer though.
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    Default Re: Vassalage

    I didn't know you can become a vassal (Unless this is a mod your speaking of O-o)

    Still I have gotten vassals before, but with Egypt I can't

    and my rep is pretty good (still at mixed)

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    Default Re: Vassalage

    Good News I changed my campaing to the French(first time)

    and through strategic money giving and attacks as I read not only did I make Milan a vassal, but I also gained back all the gold I gave to them they had left >: D!

    Rep: Reasonable
    Vasals: Milan so far
    Tuirn 20>

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    Default Re: Vassalage

    Have never had a vassal, probably by the time any faction would consider it I found it much simpler and safer in the long run to crush them.

    I have been a vassal though, I was French and doing very well, but at war with both HRE and Milan. I was beating each slowly but surely. Then HRE asked me to become their vassal, so just for kicks I asked for their best castle and a wad of cash - so they accepted! I then proceded to destroy Milan while HRE guarded my flank. Not much later HRE declared war on me and in return I asked for a crusade against them and crushed them too. I didnt see the downside of being a vassal.
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    Default Re: Vassalage

    Reputation is important - you also need to apply pressure to them anyway you can, have huge armies in their borders, block their ports and offer them money. Of course the reason it isnt worth it is because the *vassal* can get out of its *vassal* position anytime it wishes. The whole system was introduced in RTW as a Senate mission IIRC and not for much else it seems. The benefit is that a vassals lands are counted as yours towards your victory conditions IIRC. Nice feature - poor implementation imho - they should have made it as that a vassal needs special conditions to get out of a vassalage - not anytime it wishes. In the end it works as another exploit for the player in a game full of exploits for the player - gah!
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    Default Re: Vassalage

    I didnt see the downside of being a vassal.
    Well, William the Conqueror was King Phillip's vassal and that didn't do Big Will any harm did it?


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