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Thread: what to do with eb1?

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    Default what to do with eb1?

    We all kow that one day EBII will be coming out. What we dont know is when. Well i was just wondering what you are doing with EB1 when EBII does finnally arrives? I will probably delete it cause i've got it on my laptop and will need xtra space for EBII =(.
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    If I uninstall EB1 it will be once the first non beta version of EBII is released.
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    I'll still play EBI I've been playing Eb for years now and I'll not stop doing it. I'll play them both and they'll be the only games I'm playing.
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    Default Re: what to do with eb1?

    I will play them both, EB 2 (it's M2TW engine) can't run very well in my laptop, I play EB 1 here... And play EB 2 on my lovely nice and fast desktop...
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    Even EB 1 was set on normal unit scale in my laptop... where I use Huge settings on M2TW smoothly on my desktop...

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    Default Re: what to do with eb1?

    You could see if it's tax deductible and donate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iskander III View Post
    You could see if it's tax deductible and donate it.

    Id probably play it more often than EB2 ( if i dont haz a new computer by then)
    but if i get a new computer...
    i would play more eb2 than eb1 ;)
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    Default Re: what to do with eb1?

    I'l still keep EB1 Around, I don't believe in throwing away previous versions just because a sequel comes out.

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    Default Re: what to do with eb1?

    If anything, I'll keep it around for nostalgia purposes, I have a few all time favorite games I nearly always have installed even if I haven't played them in ages, just for the sake of having them at hand. I don't think my laptop, which I occasionally play some EB on as well (desktop is my main game comp) will fare too well with MTW2 either, so EB1 will definitely still get plenty of play time when I'm away from home.
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    For me, if you get EB II, play it, get bored with it then play EB1. When bored with the latter, play EB II and vice versa. Bored with both? Find yourself a new mod mate.

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