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Thread: Custom Battle Issue!

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    Default Custom Battle Issue!

    Hi! I am new to the Forum, so if I have miss placed this, or it has been answered already then I am sorry and just tell me to **** off! :P

    When creating a Custom Battle featuring the Romani and any other Faction, I wished to have a Post Marian Army, but to my dismay I could not find them on the 'Unit List'. I could not even find Pre-Marian Units such as Histatii and Princepii's. Further more, I could not even find a General's Unit to bring the glorious Eagle to the fight!.

    I did spent a very long time, and even longer this morning, looking at each Unit Card to look for these elusive Units, but I still could not find them. However, when pressing the button which creates an Army for me/you, I found those Units I could not find myself to be there ( though randomly and there rarely being more than one of each). This, I find, is very unpractical, etc, etc... Is there somthing I am missing? Or not doing? Or are my glasses in need of a clean?
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    Use the Multiplayer shortcut to EB and play custom battles from there instead, should have all the units available. If I remember correctly General units aren't available for custom battles.

    Welcome to the org BTW.
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    Default Re: Custom Battle Issue!

    Thanks mate! Will give it a go!

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    Default Re: Custom Battle Issue!

    And be sure to read the FAQ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mediolanicus View Post
    And be sure to read the FAQ...
    Yes please. Everybody have at least one complete read through the FAQ. It is vital, crucial, utterly necessary!

    EDIT: I'm not being sarcastic. I mean it. The FAQ saved my EB life.
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